Proteomics: Cell Signaling Analysis

Quantify 1,250 (phospho-) proteins per sample

  • Comprehensive: Best coverage on the market.
  • Sensitivity: Minimal tissue/cell amount needed.
  • Actionable data including pathway visualization.


Olink® Explore 3072 Biomarker Platform

Profile 4,200 proteins and PTMs simultaneously.

  • Integrated: Profile tissue and plasma biomarkers.
  • Coverage: Quantify 4,200 proteins and PTMs.
  • Data Quality: Comprehensive data analysis.


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Hyperplex: Deep Cell Signaling Analysis

Quantify up to 1,250 proteins per sample (unphosphorylated and phosphorylated proteins)

Hyperplex™ Pathway Activity Profiling is a multiplex protein profiling service for comprehensive pathway activity analysis in drug development. The proprietary technology combines automated electrophoresis with bead-based ligand binding technology to digitally quantify up to 1,250 total and phospho-proteins in parallel. The platform has been validated with as little as 20-60 μg of protein from samples such as 2D/3D cells, organoids, xenografts, PDX, tissues, and tissue sections (fresh frozen or FFPE). Quantitative Hyperplex™ data is typically presented in tables, heat maps, and volcano plots including custom pathway maps to enable data-based decision-making. Custom antibodies can be added to all assays.

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Integrated Proteomics: Profile tissue and plasma biomarkers simultaneously

Disruptive Technology: Quantify 4,200 proteins and PTMs from minimal sample.

Targeted proteomics is a powerful technology that combines unparalleled assay sensitivity with broad protein coverage and regulatory compliance. Currently, Olink® and Somalogic® provide the leading platforms for serum and plasma bioanalysis. AssayEngineers combines both platforms with an assay menu for cell and tissue biomarkers, including key post-translational modifications (PTMs). This breakthrough integrated proteomics platform (Olink® Explore 3072 and Hyperplex™) quantifies more than 4,200 unphosphorylated and phosphorylated proteins from serum, plasma, cell and tissue samples. Benefit from our ability to move quickly from discovery to validation and precision medicine with a unique platform that requires only 6 µl of plasma or serum and 40ug of cell or tissue protein.

The modular assay approach flexibly combines reliable results, broad coverage, and the ability to accurately measure low abundance proteins. Explore our assay menus:

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